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Ethel Smith, FNP-C

Ethel Smith FNP-C -- Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center

Ethel “Liz” Smith, FNP-C


Ethel Smith, FNP-C es una enfermera certificada, graduada de la Universidad de Cincinati con maestria en en Ciencias de Enfermeria. Desde su graduacion ella ha trabajado en diferentes lugares incluyendo, Cincinati, Ohio y Phoenix. Antes de llegar a Las Vegas Ethel estaba en la Universidad de Cincitanti donde fue maestra de Enfermeria Pediatrica. Ethel esta casada y tiene dos hijas. En su tiempo libre le gusta viajar y leer libros.

Miembro de la “American Academy of Nurse Practitioners” y “University of Cincinnati Alumni Association”.

Our 2014 Community Appreciation Day was a Huge Success!

On Thursday, October 16th, Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center of Summerlin had its first “ Community Appreciation Day” benefiting Opportunity Village from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

NVCPC was able to make a big donation to Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village Las Vegas Recieves a big donation from NVCPC

Here is an image gallery from the event!

Our Event Sponsors

Fun Games and People

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Pain Management Clinic Las Vegas in East Flamingo 1569 East Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV 89119

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We would like to invite you to our 2014 Community Appreciation Day!

On Thursday, October 16th, Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center ( NVCPC) presents its “2014 Community Appreciation Day” benefiting Opportunity Village from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

It is NVCPC’s way of saying “Thank You” to the community for all its support, also an opportunity for vendors to showcase their products, or services, and network with (NVCPC) CEO, Administrators, Dir. of Marketing, Physicians, Nurses, and staff.

Event Address: 7730 W. Cheyenne Suite 107, Las Vegas, NV 89129.

Touring the new (NVCPC) Summerlin facility will begin at 9 a.m. At the “2014 Community Appreciation Day”, an estimated 300 healthcare professionals, seniors, current, and former patients will interact with over 30 vendors/sponsors, local politicians, and celebrities.

Entertainment will be on going and provided by local artists. Breakfast will be from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., and attendees will be served donuts, fruit, and coffee.

Lunch will be from 11a.m.-1p.m. and guest will enjoy sub sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and water.

Complimentary “Vendor Only Meet & Greet” will be held @ BJ’s 10840 W.Charleston Wed.6-8p.m., Oct 15th.

NVCPC Community Appreciation day

What does a Pain Management Specialist do

A pain management specialist is a physician who specializes on the treatment of pain. Well, it’s interesting because that’s a very vague answer.

Pain itself is not a real diagnosis, it’s a perception.

It’s associated with many medical diagnosis. So, a physician who treats pain has to understand the processes in the body and diseases globally.

He needs to be able to address them in such a way in order to create a plan that is able to address the pain itself, but also the functionality as well as quality of life.

Future Pain Management trends

I think there are a lot of exciting technologies in pain management. This is a field that is often seen as a field that is designed to just prescribe medications to help patients, but there is a lot more that we do. We really focus on multi-modal approach to patient care, which includes medication management as well as interventions and therapies. And I think that what’s cutting-edge in our specialty is that there are a lot of interventions that can be done to help patients in order to improve pain, improve functionality while sparing the use of medications such as narcotics.

Yeah. I’ve seen that in the ’90s, there was a big move in the hospitals who have a low level of pain scores. And that actually it was created an incentive to prescribe a lot of medications for patients. Now, as time went by, not only the hospitals but also the covering agencies realize that it was actually not helpful for patients to be on escalating doses of controlled substances. And that’s what really drove the move towards a multi-modal approach to the pain in order to improve pain with other techniques, other interventions while trying to minimize the use of medications.

Can Physical Therapy Help my Pain?

I think physical therapy is very important.

I try to introduce physical therapy in almost every patient plan that I see especially the new patients. Now, the question is when to introduce physical therapy.

Physical therapy during your very painful process may not be so helpful.

But let’s say physical therapy after an epidural injection, for instance, or another type of injection where the pain is a little better controlled. I called it the time to actually build core muscles, get stronger with physical therapy right after the procedures are done.

At NVCPC we have a network ready to provide you with the physical therapy you need

physical therapy las vegas - Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center

Can I become addicted to pain medications

This video helps answer the question: Can I become addicted to pain medications?

Addiction is probably interesting because one can become dependent on pain medications, meaning the body needs more and more pain medications and that’s something that only the physicians who are trained to prescribe these medications can try and avoid.

Now, addiction is a little different because it involves the behavior of seeking these medications. So, whether one will become addicted to these medications, we only have something to do with how they typically respond in another circumstances.

The answer is many people have the potential to become addicted to medications.

It takes a physician who can prescribe them safely to prevent that from happening.

can i become addicted to pain medications

Are back injections harmful? | Pain treatments Las Vegas

I think like any procedures including IV’s can be,there are risks and benefits to them.

For instance, every time you go to the skin, there’s a small chance of bleeding or infection.

It doesn’t mean that the patient who is having an IV placed on their hand is at a higher risk for bleeding or have any infection, but those are risks that needed to be discussed.

So, more so than the risk of the injections themselves which are typically very safe, it’s important to have a discussion with the patient about the risks and the benefits so that when they walk into the procedure room they have full knowledge of what can go wrong, but also the benefits that they should expect.

Back injections are a proven option for Pain treatments Las Vegas

Can Back Surgery be Avoided and treated with Pain Managment techniques

Back surgery can be a solution to treat pain, but it’s not often or not always the answer.

If you look at the evidence, a lot of pain can be treated with minimally invasive procedures including injections and many other procedures that we can do, but sometimes surgery is the final and only option.

I mean there are some studies that try to compare epidural steroid injections with low back surgery, for instance itself, and there’s really the evidence for surgery in treating pain itself is not that strong. But some patients only respond to surgery.