I think there are a lot of exciting technologies in pain management. This is a field that is often seen as a field that is designed to just prescribe medications to help patients, but there is a lot more that we do. We really focus on multi-modal approach to patient care, which includes medication management as well as interventions and therapies. And I think that what’s cutting-edge in our specialty is that there are a lot of interventions that can be done to help patients in order to improve pain, improve functionality while sparing the use of medications such as narcotics.

Yeah. I’ve seen that in the ’90s, there was a big move in the hospitals who have a low level of pain scores. And that actually it was created an incentive to prescribe a lot of medications for patients. Now, as time went by, not only the hospitals but also the covering agencies realize that it was actually not helpful for patients to be on escalating doses of controlled substances. And that’s what really drove the move towards a multi-modal approach to the pain in order to improve pain with other techniques, other interventions while trying to minimize the use of medications.