Grant Karno, MD

Grant Karno, M.D.

Dr. Grant Karno was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, (UC Davis), followed by completion of preliminary training in General and Trauma Surgery at a UCLA affiliated hospital. Dr Karno’s resume includes serving as an attending physician at SUNY Upstate University Hospital, and Syracuse VA Medical Hospital in New York.

4 Great Las Vegas Yoga Studios |

4 Great Las Vegas Yoga Studios

Want to get your sweat on? Or perhaps just limber up? These great Las Vegas yoga studios combine thoughtful practice with a variety of class types, for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. A note on hot classes  People in Vegas can’t get enough of the heat it seems. Some of the most highly rated yoga…

Benefits Of Losing Weight For Health |

Benefits Of Losing Weight For Health

Losing weight for a healthier life is not simply a matter of opinion. Medical studies are beginning to show that individuals who lose weight have a decreased chance of developing diabetes or heart disease. While these are two of the biggest factors impacting overweight people in the United States, there are a myriad of benefits…

How-To Reduce Diabetic Pain With Diet |

How-To Reduce Diabetic Pain With Diet

Diabetic pain is normally caused by damage to the nerve cells. It effectively “starves” these nerves by eating away at the blood vessels that feed them. Since it begins with the smallest and most delicate nerve cells, diabetic pain most often begins in the feet or hands. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or nerve pain associated with diabetes…