Blog4 Great Las Vegas Yoga Studios |

Want to get your sweat on? Or perhaps just limber up? These great Las Vegas yoga studios combine thoughtful practice with a variety of class types, for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

A note on hot classes 

People in Vegas can’t get enough of the heat it seems.

Some of the most highly rated yoga studios in Las Vegas are specifically “hot” studios. These studios are heated and humidified, with average temperatures in the classes at 92 degrees, but with some reaching over 100 degrees. While researchers still debate the merits of this style of hot yoga, many practitioners love it for the suppleness and ease of stretching it allows. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), research has shown benefits of using yoga to treat chronic lower back pain, as well as anxiety and depression.

However, you should always discuss any new exercises with your doctor, especially heated ones. They may effect or exacerbate any health problems. Once you have his or her blessing, consider these highly-rated studios for yoga in Las Vegas.

1. Vegas Hot

Many people rave about Vegas Hot’s great combination of traditional yoga and pilates classes. They also love their hot classes, bootcamps, kettleball workouts, and more spiritually inclined classes, like their Earth Vinyasa series. Studios are equipped with specialized floors for hot and humid classes.

2. Body Heat Hot Pilates and Yoga

Body Heat classes are offered in a cozy, spa-like setting with classes focused on toning, strengthening, stretching, and detoxifying the body. Users love the large up-scale lockers rooms and great amenities offered to auto-pay customers, such as free use of their mats and towels.

3. Sin City Yoga

Sin City Yoga provides a boutique touch to standard yoga classes, with their intimate studios and highly trained instructors. Many guests on Yelp have noted that they love their happy hour events, community outreach programs, and great mood setting touches like flowers and incense in the studios.

4. Blue Sky Yoga

Guests love the “pay what you can” approach at this studio, run by donations rather than fees. Nestled in The Arts Factory, the studio also displays local art and color on the walls. Their genuine, intimate classes are based around the practices of Jivamukti, Kundalini, and Vinyasa styles of yoga.

Do you have a favorite Las Vegas yoga studios? Tried out any of the ones mentioned here? If you need more advanced pain treatment, contact one of our doctors today.