Melissa Dowding

Since 2006 Dr. Coppel has been proudly serving Las Vegas Pain Management Medicine

Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center is one of the nation’s leading medical centers for the treatment of both acute and chronic painful conditions.

Our Family of medical experts at Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center understands a life of pain is not a quality a life. Our continual goal is to understand our patients, and their needs. By doing so, we exceed the highest standards in Pain Management by providing optimal, thorough, and compassionate medical care to our patients. We accomplish this through the incorporation and utilization of the multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain.

In NVCPC we pride ourselves of being one of the first facilities in Las Vegas to take a multidisciplinary approach to the management of painful medical conditions. This unique approach to the management of pain has allowed Dr. Coppel to achieve success with patients where others have failed.