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epidural injections las vegasEpidural injections are the name of the shots given in the epidural space of the spine, which is near the dural membrane. This treatment is done to offer relief from inflammation or pain, which might be prolonged or temporary. Steroids, anesthetics and anti-inflammatory meds are often included in these injections. They are designed to offer reduction of swelling and pain that might be in damaged nerves or the spinal nerve roots.

Fluoroscopy or CT scan may be used to identify where the needle should be placed. This is recommended to make sure that it is delivered in the right place and patients receive the top benefits. The procedure is just one of the things used for pain treatment, other such options: surgery, oral medications, physical therapy.

This procedure is an option for people who have post-operative syndromes, bulging or herniated disk, injuries to the vertebrae, spinal nerves or surrounding tissue, or spinal stenosis. Patients who are to have this work done should follow all instructions they are given in preparation of this procedure. This may include details on what medication should be taken, or what to eat and drink.

The assortment of medications that are used for these injections will provide differing results. Furthermore, how long the results of the shot will last will also range. Patients may be given permanent relief from this issue or relief that is only temporary. Generally speaking, pain comes back after some time and individuals must then get alternative treatment or more injections.

Usually this is carried out as outpatient treatment. In some situations, the doctor may suggest admission of a patient after a procedure. The injections only take a few minutes to be delivered, but the procedure may be longer in cases where x-ray or CAT scans are used. The skin near the injection site must be sterilized with antiseptic cream before the process. Local anesthetic is given to patients where the shot is to be administered.

After the area is numb, physicians may use the imagine devices to figure out where to place the shot. Contrast material is then injected into the area so the doctor can guarantee the correct distribution of medication. The epidural shot is slowly delivered. Patients may feel nothing, or some slight tingling or pressure, during this process.

Both benefits and risks come with this type of treatment. The shots can be helpful in giving pain relief and reducing the amount of inflammation in an area. This process is also beneficial because it lets doctors know the exact area in which the pain is coming from. However, there are some serious risks involved. Exposure to radiation, bleeding, nerve injury, increase of pain, temporary paralysis, infection and reaction to the meds are just some risks that are involved.

People who suffer with inflammation or pain in their spinal region may be candidates for epidural injections. This form of treatment involves the administering of anesthetics, anti-inflammatory medications or steroids as treatment. At NVCPC we bring the highest standards and have done very many epidural procedures.