Blog4 Yoga Poses You Can Do In The Office |

Yoga, or even modified stretching, is a great way to relieve pain. However, when we spend more time at work than we do at home it can be hard to fit it into our schedules.  There may be something that can help. Have you ever heard of office yoga? The idea is to take frequent stretch breaks and use the principles of yoga or other relaxation methods to increase your feelings of well-being and relieve pain. Yoga poses you can do in the office are fast, easy, and incredibly relaxing. Here are just a few ideas for office yoga exercises.

1. Forward fold

With your knees slightly bent, reach your fingers to your toes. Don’t force your body to stretch, just find a comfortable position. Breathe deeply using yoga techniques of slow inhales and exhales. Slowly shake your head back and forth.

2. Table stretch

Stand up at your desk and take a few steps back. Bend forward at your waist and extend your arms so you can comfortably rest your hands on your desk. Stretch your arms forward while you concentrate on pulling your hips back.

3. Lotus, or cross-legged, position

Take a moment to sit with your legs crossed in this common yoga meditation position. Sit quietly for enough time to take ten deep breaths and relax your mind and body.

4. Neck stretch

Sit up straight in your desk chair. Look straight ahead and hold on to the seat of your chair with your right hand. Hold your left arm over your head so your hand is touching your right ear. Lean to the left and allow your left ear to bend toward your shoulder. Take a few deep breaths before switching sides.

Other options

Yoga isn’t the only option for stretching and stress relief in the office. Easy tai chi poses, from an ancient Chinese practice, can take you away from your desk for just five minutes and help restore your energy. This YouTube video can teach you some of the positions.

Yoga and other relaxation methods can help you stay focused, relaxed, and with less pain while sitting in the office throughout the day.

What are your favorite yoga poses you can do at the office?