Pain Management Nevada FAQPain Management Specialist

Pain Management SpecialistSo as pain management specialist we take care of people that are in acute or chronic pain. Acute pain may be anything from post-surgical pain to an acute injury on a soccer field, at work or with a motor vehicle accident. Chronic pain may be that associated with pain that’s been longer than about 3 to 4 months and has not healed on it’s own and may also be associated with degenerative changes associated with old age. So acute pain is something that you would expect from an acute injury so if I hit you with a hammer on your thumb you are going to say that pain is acute when that pain doesn’t go away after a couple of two to three weeks when the normal anticipated pain relationship should go away, that’s when it starts to turn into a chronic pain. So if I hit you with a hammer a year ago and you’re still having thumb pain then that can be considered chronic pain and every condition as to when you consider it maybe from acute to chronic is a little bit different but most people would consider about a two to three month timeframe to be when you start to change from acute to chronic pain.