Pain Management Nevada FAQdo I have to suffer pain for the rest of my life

do I have to suffer pain for the rest of my lifeOftentimes the answer is no. When we have people come in that have been in pain for say 5,10 or 15 years we go through their physical examination and their history, their previous treatment modalities, and we’re able to find the various things that they haven’t been able to use or have not used thus far appropriately. So oftentimes a patient may come in and say: “I’ve had chronic back pain for 10 years” and we may say: “You never tried this type of injection or this type of procedure or even this type of medication”.

Also sometimes they don’t use their medication appropriately so you may say: “ I have tried medication A and it didn’t work for me” but the fact was that it was provided incorrectly at the wrong dose or at the wrong frequency so a trial of that same medication again may provide significant benefit.