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Are you grappling with a dependency or addiction to painkiller medication? If you aren’t, you might be concerned about a family member or someone you care about very deeply. There are many resources that can help you or those you love get through this painkiller addition. Here is a list of places you can turn to.

  • This website offers information on recovery hotlines, treatment centers, forums, and support groups for those with painkiller addictions.
  • If a relapse is a primary concern, Painkiller Abuse hotlines can help you find a support group in your area.
  • This website was created as a resource for individuals who feel out of control. The tools can help individuals find the right solutions to treat their addictions.
  • Sometimes the best information comes from individuals who have already been through an opiate addiction. This site can connect you to peer-to-peer counseling or other support networks.
  • In our world of increasingly online connectedness, having a support system at your fingertips is just as important as a one-on-one relationship. Renew Everyday offers that kind of online support to its readers.
  • For those who suffer from chronic pain, learning from and connecting with others who also have chronic pain can help you learn about new resources for addiction management and gain strength on your journey towards health.

The clinical success of support groups to help individuals dealing with addiction has been proven for a very long time. People without strong support systems are less likely to have measurable success and more likely to relapse. Experts strongly encourage that patients going through addiction find or build a trusted network.

Painkiller addiction can be a black cloud that seems like it will never go away. With the right support system and help at your fingertips, you can get back up again every time you fall down.

What resources are you most familiar with when it comes to painkiller addiction treatment and recovery? Learn more about the road to recovery from a painkiller addiction at

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