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Medical professionals and those who have suffered from the long-term pain of migraine headaches understand the repetitive and patterned nature of this condition. Using apps to track your migraines, triggers, and symptoms may be among the best tools a patient has to alleviate or eliminate migraine pain.

Why would you need to track your migraines? 

There are multiple environmental, food, and emotional triggers that can lead to migraine pain. Each patient experiences the pain differently. By keeping a migraine diary you will begin to recognize the patterns that lead to pain, which can then help you change behaviors and improve your chances of more migraine free days.

The best way to keep a migraine diary is to track the onset of the symptoms, the duration, and any triggers that lead to the pain. WebMD offers this template that you can print and use for your own paper-based migraine diary.

Along with a diary, there are many mobile tools available for tracking your migraine triggers and attacks.

3 migraine phone apps 

Migraine diary apps that can help you track your migraines include the following.

My Migraine Triggers

This app is available for iOS products and Android devices through the Google Play store. It allows you to track everyday activities that can that establish patterns that may be causing your migraines. You can also create reports and share these with your specialist.

Migraine Meter

Available for both Android and iOs devices from, this app allows you to track your pain as well as stay up-to-date on the latest news and information about migraine headaches.

Keeping the information at your fingertips may be the most important component for creating a successful migraine diary. Since attacks can occur at any time, you need to be able to access your information to begin tracking right away. This may also help you understand not only the trigger patterns but also the time of day or seasons when you are most affected.


This free app allows you to track your headaches and follow a headache calendar to see how the pain is impacting your life. It also offers personalized reports that can combine all of the data you enter so you can better understand your headache triggers and work toward finding relief.

Are you familiar with any other migraine trackers for your smart phone? Have you ever tried to track your migraines? You can make an appointment today at our clinic to find relief from your migraine pain.