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With summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about hitting the pool to cool off or catch some sun. Did you know that swimming has a number of health benefits, especially for those with chronic pain? Here are just a few reasons to swim and why you might want to check out a local pool this summer to get fit.

It’s low impact

Because there is no ground impact when you’re in the water and your body is buoyant, swimming is great for joints. The Arthritis Foundation recommends water-based exercise for individuals with arthritis, because it has the benefits of fitness without stressing painful joints. The Arthritis Foundation recommends water aerobics classes all across the country.

Swimming knows no age

Swimming is an excellent fitness tool for individuals of any age. It is great to build coordination and basic skills for very young children and it can be done for a lifetime. Many fitness centers and pools offer swimming or water aerobics for seniors as well.

It can help you recover

If you’ve had an injury that affects your regular fitness routine, this may be the perfect alternative. It can continue to work your muscle groups and strengthen the injured area of your body without exacerbating the injury further.

It is perfect for the summer

The heat in the summer, especially here in southern Nevada, can be overwhelming. There is absolutely no moisture in the area and the temperatures are high enough to make you feel like you’re slowly roasting. Checking out a local pool and swimming a couple times a week can help you beat the summer heat.

It can help burn calories

If you’re getting started with an exercise routine, swimming is a great choice. Like walking, it is low impact and can help kick start an overall fitness program. If you need to lose weight it can be a motivator as you burn more calories and lower body fat. Swimming actually becomes more effective over time as you watch the scale drop.

Are you looking forward to a dip in the pool this summer?