BlogHow To Stay Safe While Exercising In The Cold |

As the cold winter winds begin again around Vegas, staying safe while exercising in chillier weather is very important. Here are a few tips to stay safe while exercising in the cold.

Talk with your doctor

Before you add cold weather exercise to your routine you may wish to discuss your overall health with a doctor. Cold temperatures can trigger problems in individuals with asthma, heart conditions, or other medical issues.

Your doctor can tell you whether or not it is safe for you to exercise in temperatures below freezing or if you should use caution before deciding on outdoor activities in the cold.

Watch for severe weather

Always keep the weather in mind before you embark on a cold weather exercise excursion. Blizzards, ice storms, or other wintertime challenges can throw you off course, especially if you’re in the mountain communities around the city. This can make it difficult to find shelter if you become concerned about frost bite or hypothermia.

Personal safety should always be your first concern and if the weather doesn’t seem favorable for outdoor activities, it may be wiser to stay at home.

Dress for the weather

The most significant tip when it comes to dressing for the cold is to dress in layers. You want to layer up because dressing too warm can actually be more dangerous.

While exercising you’re also generating heat and will begin to sweat. The moisture in your clothes can cause your body temperature to drop when you least expect it. Also be conscious of exposed skin in super cold temperatures so you can avoid frostbite.

Know the signs of danger

Frostbite and hypothermia are not subjects to take lightly. Before you go outdoors in cold weather learn about the signs of both conditions and how they will affect your body.

If, during your workout, you feel any of the early symptoms, stop exercising and seek warmth and shelter.

What kind of cold weather activities do you enjoy? How do you stay safe while exercising in the cold?