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If you’re intrigued by wearables or a mobile fitness app that helps you track your activity level, but don’t quite know where to start, there’s a solution. It comes in the form of a neutral, third-party reviewing website that is aiming to provide clear metrics on fitness apps and wearables alike. The website is Wellocracy. Beyond comparisons, they also provide many features for the beginning “tracker.”

Finding the right fitness app

To start with Wellocracy, you’ll learn exactly what activity trackers are as well as some straightforward tips on how to get started with them. Once you’ve mastered the basics of tracking, you can move into finding the right one. Wellocracy has broken it down by motivation types, goals, needs, and basic differences among trackers. By now, you’ll likely feel like you’ve got a good handle on the subject.

While there are many additional expert articles that delve into more complex subjects about personal health tracking, the next best place to go is the comparison charts. Here you’ll find charts comparing:

  • Wearable devices
  • Running apps
  • Pedometer apps
  • Sleep apps and devices
  • Mood apps
  • Food and calorie apps
  • Heart healthy apps

Food and calorie apps

Since food and calorie apps are often easy and intuitive to use, we’ll start there.

In Wellocracy’s comparison, they look at nine of the most popular apps, ranging from MyFitnessPal to Simple Start by Weight Watchers. At a glance you’ll be able to tell the price of the fitness app, if it saves your favorite foods or meals, if it can scan barcodes, and whether or not it provides a nutritional breakdown of foods eaten.

If you’ve already taken Wellocracy’s stickiness quiz, you’ll better understand how those different measurements will really affect your follow-through and enjoyment with the app. Hopefully, by taking a more thoughtful approach to finding a fitness app, you’ll be able to find one that works best for you. The more you enjoy using an app, the more likely you’ll use it and, therefore, achieve your fitness goals.

Do you use any mobile or fitness apps to track your own health data? Have you been successful using them? 

Image by Nicola via Flickr