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An unfortunate trend in the United States demonstrates that adults are largely misinformed about heart health, including information about heart disease symptoms and prevention. What can you do to promote your own heart health?

What’s the facts on heart health? 

74% of adults in the U.S. do not fear dying from heart disease. In spite of the fact that heart disease is the number one killer of people in the country, researchers were shocked to discover the lack of knowledge. As researchers noted in this article:

“Perhaps even more concerning is that the majority (70 percent) of Americans are unaware of all the symptoms of heart disease, even though two out of three (64 percent) have or know someone who has the disease. Only 30 percent of Americans correctly identified unusual fatigue, sleep disturbances and jaw pain as all being signs of heart disease — just a few of the symptoms that can manifest.”

Without being aware of the symptoms and how to prevent them, there is a fear that even more people will be affected by the disease.

How to promote heart health

Here are a few ways you can prevent heart disease through exercise:

  • Cardio exercises, such as jogging or bike riding
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strength training with weights or through yoga

In order to stop the spread of misinformation about heart disease, it is important to read and understand all of its risks and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes not only exercise, but also a proper diet and stress reduction. Knowing that so many individuals are unaware of heart disease risks, or simply unconcerned about them in their lives, is a problem that needs to be addressed by everybody in the health care field in the United States.

If you are at a high risk for heart disease or you know someone who is, work with your doctor to better understand the symptoms and possible treatments. Develop a plan of action to reduce the risk of heart disease in your life.

Are you aware of your own risk of heart disease? Do you have a strong grip on understanding your own heart health? To learn more about how to improve your own health, especially with a pain condition, contact us today!