BlogFinding Local and Online Support Groups for Chronic Pain and Stress |

Especially in today’s hyper connected world, no one needs to experience chronic pain or stress related to these conditions alone. Online support groups and access to local groups are just a few clicks away. Here are some groups you can become involved with, as well as resources for finding others in your area.

  • Harnessing the collective power of Facebook, this private online community is available for any individual who is looking for support. Because it is private, you can feel just as comfortable sharing information as you would in a closed, personal setting.
  • Online Pain Support Group: Another, open, Facebook group that is available to discuss the specific challenges of chronic pain and related issues. This group allows individuals to share their own stories online for everyone to benefit.
  • This online resource can help connect individuals and their families to others both online and within their communities. Search your city or town to find out where meetings are being held.
  • Psychology Today: The Psychology Today website offers a hub of local and online support groups. Search the database to find one that works for you.

An often overlooked tool for finding local groups is While often this site is geared toward connecting individuals with shared hobbies or interests, some organizations are using it to reach out to others in their community dealing with stress or chronic pain related issues in their lives.

Another option is to simply search for “Chronic Pain Support Groups in Nevada” on a search engine. It will return a number of sites that can help you find and connect with the right organizations in your area. Support groups for fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain exist throughout the state and beyond.

If you’re looking for a support group to help you better understand the experience of someone in your life with chronic pain, talk to any of the organizations in the area and they can point you in the right direction.

Are you looking for an online or local community to find support for your chronic pain?