Blog9 Ways To Stay Safe While Exercising In Hot Weather |

Here in southern Nevada, hot weather exercise safety is essential most days of the year. In order to stay safe while exercising in hot weather that can reach over 100 degrees throughout the summer months, you can follow some easy hot weather tips while you exercise.

Here are nine things to keep in mind for exercising in hot weather:

  1. Wear loose fitting clothes made of a poly/cotton blend that is designed to wick moisture away from the body.
  2. Drink lots of water while you’re working out by keeping a water bottle at hand. Don’t replace this with sugary sports drinks or sodas.
  3. Work out early in the morning or later at night to avoid extreme heat and problems with air pollution.
  4. Avoid sunscreen which limits your body’s ability to properly process vitamin D. Instead, wear a hat and a light but long sleeve shirt to avoid sunburn.
  5. Don’t try to do too much. Start slowly and exercise outdoors for only a few minutes at a time until your body develops a tolerance to the heat.
  6. Stick to the shade to keep out of the scorching rays of the sun while you exercise. A tree filled park is the perfect place to start your outdoor yoga practice.
  7. Swimming is a perfect low impact exercise for anyone, especially those facing challenges from chronic pain conditions. The water will cool you off naturally.
  8. Use quick cool off techniques throughout your exercise. These may include a fan, a spray of cool water, or icepacks applied to your neck.
  9. One of the best ways to stay safe in any weather is to team up with an exercise partner. This provides a safety net, someone to watch out for you, and great socializing time.

How can you beat the summer heat and stay safe while keeping active in hot weather?