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There are many ways you can add exercise to your daily routine. You may simply use videos in the comfort of your own home or you may take up jogging. What if you’re more interested in community based experiences? You have several inexpensive or free exercise opportunities in Las Vegas right past your doorstep to add fitness to your daily activities.

5 cheap (or free!) exercise opportunities in Las Vegas

Here are just a few ways you can find cheap or free exercise opportunities in Las Vegas.

Check on Craigslist

If you search in the community section on the Las Vegas Craigslist page, you may find other locals advertising activities and special events. Look for things like yoga, tai chi, or other martial arts clubs. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, join up with a hiking group and experience community, nature, and fitness in one package.

Join the local YMCA

A resource for fitness since 1844, the YMCA offers individuals and families a chance to join a gym for significantly less than the cost of for-profit gyms in the same neighborhoods. The Y typically offers classes and programs along with a selection of gym equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and lifting machines.

Yoga in the Park

Try this experiment. Open your internet browser and type in “Yoga in the Park.” It should return multiple results for free or donation based yoga exercise opportunities in Las Vegas, many that are happening in your neighborhood. Many of these events are run by volunteers and any money made goes back to the community.


Like Craigslist, Meetup can connect you with others in your area looking to form social activity groups. Depending on the activity you like, from walking groups to boot camps, you can find interested individuals and groups available as workout and accountability partners. Not only can this be a free resource for finding ways to keep in shape, you can also connect with others in your community.

Find a hiking trail

Hiking can be one of the most stimulating and fun exercises you can do. Even better, it’s often free (or very cheap if there’s a park pass needed) and can be easier on your knees than running. If you want to get a taste of the fresh air, try out one of these great hiking trails near Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area flanks the West side of Vegas and provides quick access to the majesty of the Mojave Desert. Over one million visitors come to this area every year, drawn by the amazing red rock features and tucked away hiking trails. Day use passes are only $7 per car and annual passes can be purchased for $30. There are over twenty well-maintained trails that criss-cross the area, from the easy two mile Moenkopi Loop that has panoramic views and fossils to the moderately difficult La Madre Springs three mile hike. If you’re not up for hiking, there’s also gorgeous scenic drives and overlooks that allow you to take in the indescribable beauty of the desert.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

The Spring Mountains National Recreation Area stretches from the high-desert region northwest of Las Vegas to the peak of Mt. Charleston. Just a short drive allows you to spend some time in the pine tree forests that feel a world removed from the heat of the Valley. You can even ski there in the winter! There are over 50 miles of trails. The easier Sawmill Loop is one of the more popular trails, though you can head over to the three mile Mummy Springs trail if you’re looking for more of a challenge (and access to a beautiful bristlecone pine forest).

Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a treasured cultural and ecological center of the city. Special science exhibits will bring a deeper appreciation to your understanding of the desert, while eco-friendly inspiration at DesertSol will show how conservation efforts can be integrated with both form and function. There are also miles of easy, walkable trails that are packed with even more learning opportunities.

Where are your favorite exercise opportunities in Las Vegas? Do you have any more recommendations for hiking trails near Las Vegas? 

Image by O Palsson via Flickr