BlogExercise Guidelines for Patients With Osteoporosis|

Osteoporosis doesn’t have to be a diagnosis that puts an end to physical activity. In fact, exercise will help strengthen the body and prevent further damage. Because of the nature of osteoporosis and the long-term effects an injury can have on patients, doctors encourage people to use caution when exercising with the condition.

Low impact exercises that have limited risk of falls are most recommended for patients with osteoporosis.


Start slowly with walks around your own neighborhood. This exercise is extremely low impact and doesn’t require fancy equipment or a big investment. Work your way up to walking several miles each day. Always be sure to wear comfortable shoes.


If you enjoy walking, but want to experience a more scenic route, consider a local hike. To make things more social, join a hiking group. Walking sticks may help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Don’t forget your camera to take photos of the views!


Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? It is never too late. Ballroom dance, modern dance, folk dance, jazz dance, and even disco can be a great way to strengthen muscles and get a cardio work out to boot.

Stair climbing

As it turns out, climbing the stairs is great for you. For an easy at-home exercise routine, spend some time climbing your household stairs. You can count the number of times you go up or down while you complete regular household chores.

Water exercises

Water aerobics are extremely low impact and you have almost zero risk of injury to your bones. Your local pool or rec center is likely to have classes available for all skill levels. Plus, swimming is a fantastic summertime activity to enjoy with friends.

What can you add to your daily exercise routine to help strengthen your body and fight the effects of osteoporosis?

Image by Moyan Brenn via Flickr