Blog5 Ways You Can De-Stress Your Home |

Chronic stress can rapidly affect your health. The tensed muscles from stress can lead to increased pain, while the burden of chronic stress can lead to larger mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. However, you can make some simple changes right now to destress your home. This can help you find reduced levels of stress both at home and when you go out into the world.

Declutter to destress your home

You probably already know how stressful it can be to walk into a home that is cluttered and unorganized. The franticness of an unorganized home may lead to more stress when you’re unable to find things or just add to a general feeling of disarray and chaos.

Many home organizers recommend that everything has its place, and everything is in its place. Hit up local organizing stores, like Ikea, or even dollar stores to find affordable organizing solutions.

Consider your lighting

Sunshine is naturally lifting and can enhance your overall mood. Make sure to allow in lots of light during the day with big open windows or frequent walks. While bright natural light is key during the day, you’ll find deep relaxation by incorporating restful, dimmer lights for nighttime.

Dimmed lights, lights with heavy shades, candles, or table-top lamps are all best to use as you transition closer to sleep.

Use color to set the mood

How does your favorite spa feel? More importantly, what does it look like? You’ll notice that many spas rely on soft, cool neutrals to encourage relaxation and ease. Mimic these similar feelings in your own home by painting your walls, especially those in the bedroom, in cool neutrals like blue or green.

Bring nature into your home

Freshly cut flowers, low maintenance soft green succulents, and organic centerpieces can all help you feel like your home is connected to the larger outdoor world.

Live plants can also release oxygen into the air, thus leading to even greater levels of relaxation.

Surround yourself with love

Fill your walls with photos of loved family members to turn towards in times of stress. Find handmade artwork or textiles that you love and incorporate those throughout your home. Also try to find scents or sounds that you love to create a calm home.

Do you find relaxation when you come home? How could you further destress your home?