Blog4 Best Exercises to Help Low Back Pain |

Adding exercise to your daily routine can be one of the most effective things you can do to reduce your low back pain. Before you begin physical fitness, it is important to understand what exercises are best for your body and the pain you’re feeling. It is also important to discuss a new workout routine with your pain doctor before starting. Overdoing an exercise, or doing ones that are wrong for your body, can lead to even more pain than it alleviates. In general, though, these are some of the best exercises to help your low back pain. Note: Talk to your doctor before trying any of these exercises.


This Eastern philosophy and practice turned Western stretching exercise is excellent to strengthen the muscles in your lower back and reduce pain. Work with an instructor or follow a yoga tutorial to learn the correct way to perform poses.


A low impact cardio workout can be good for your entire system, not just your lower back. Rather than tackling a jog, stick to walking. A brisk walk around your neighborhood can not only help strengthen your body and alleviate back pain, but it can affect your overall attitude in a positive way. Begin with short distances and extend them out until you are walking several miles at a time.

Stationary bike

If you have access to a stationary bike in your home or at a local gym, this can be excellent exercise for your lower back. The resistance settings on the bike can help make the experience natural and give your muscles more of a challenge. If you find an upright bicycle causes more back pain than it helps, switch to a recumbent bike.

Water aerobics

For an extremely low impact workout, water aerobics have proven helpful for many patients. This form of exercise takes pressure off of the joints and allows your body the full range of motion you may not be able to experience outside of the water. Take a class at your local gym, which will not only fill the need for exercise but also allow you to make social connections.

What kind of exercises have you tried to alleviate low back pain?