BlogCan Apps Help Pain Sufferers Manage Prescription Painkillers? |

In today’s technology driven world, the use of online and mobile applications is skyrocketing. At one time thought only to be useful for the younger generations, today everyone has access to technology that makes daily organization easier. Can pain sufferers use these apps to better manage and monitor their use of prescription painkillers? Let’s take a look at two apps that can help.

Manage My Pain

This app, available for Android OS devices, allows users to track their pain and record their symptoms to better share the information with their doctors and pharmacists. This application was developed by professionals for individuals dealing with chronic pain from cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. This app can replace hand-written pain diaries, logs, and trackers as well as help you and your doctor manage your prescriptions.

My Pain Diary

For those who use Apple iOs devices such as iPhones and iPads, the My Pain Diary app is very similar to Manage My Pain. It helps you track and organize your symptoms as they occur so you have more information when you visit your doctor to discuss pain and treatment options. You can even compare your charts to the weather and determine some of your triggers and patterns.

Beyond the specific applications for pain management, some people can benefit simply from using their smart phone’s calendar and alarm functions. Simply set a recurring alarm that tells you when to take medication so you do not miss a dose or take too much. This will also help you know when you have and have not taken the medication in a single day.

Technology and apps such as these can help individuals control and organize their pain management as well as their prescription painkiller use. Because of the risks associated with some prescription painkillers, it is extremely important to actively manage the process every day.

How do you use technology to help with your prescription painkiller management?