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Many small life changes can make a big difference when it comes to back pain. Leading the charge are daily trackers and lifestyle integrated tools that can help you create better habits to help prevent and manage back pain. Mobile apps are particularly helpful with this as they offer everything from calorie tracking to videos to exercises right on your phone. Some of these apps are used by a large variety of people, while others are tailored specifically to those who suffer from back pain. Using these together in conjunction with guidance from your doctor can help you create long-lasting healthy habits that can help relieve your pain.

3 mobile apps for back pain

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is only one of many calorie trackers available on smart phones, but it’s one of the most popular, with easy-to-use features and thousands of foods already loaded into the app. Excess weight is one of the major risk factors for back pain. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you minimize your risk for back pain, as well as many other health conditions.

2. My Pain Diary

My Pain Diary helps those with chronic pain track the conditions that may be instigating their pain flare-ups. The app allows you to track weather, diet, symptoms, and many more customizable fields on a daily basis to watch for trends or share with your pain doctor.

3. iREHAB Back Pain 

For those who suffer from mild to moderate episodic pain in the back, an app like iREHAB Back Pain may be helpful. Based on answers you’ve given about your specific pain and its location, the app provides exercises that can help stretch and strengthen the areas of the back that need relief. Before performing any exercises–especially for those severe or chronic pain–check with your doctor to ensure the exercises are safe for your condition.

Do you use any mobile apps to help you track or manage your pain? Which ones work the best for you? 

Image by Robert S. Donovan via Flicker